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Game Description

Welcome to the only interactive mob fantasy game where you are playing in real-time, and not buying 'turns'. 100% free, 100% intense, 100% strategy. This is no ordinary Mafia Game. In you are playing the role of a mobster in real-time. The object is to build your strength, intimidation, accuracy, experience, power, and other mobster attributes as high as you can, and be Top Mobster at the end of the round.Mafialife is designed to deliver the most level playing field, so that somebody starting off, does not always lose versus someone who is experienced. Start your own crime family tree, or join someone elses. Climb the ladder by robbing, beating, disrespecting, pick pocketing, and even wacking your enemies. Start and build businesses, while robbing and blowing up your enemies businesses. Commit crimes alone, or with fellow mobsters cooperatively for inventory items needed to run jobs and commit more crimes.


Game Information

Developer:Mafialife Chris
Time:Real Time
Launch Status:Gold
Date Added:September 11, 2010

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Fees and Subscriptions

Prizes Offered: Yes
Mob power, game tokens, mafia magazines, mafia t-shirts, game upgrades, and sponsored items are known to be given out to the top mobsters each month.
Free Trial: 5 Days
Software Fees: Free
Subscription Fees: Optional
1. Premium sub (4.00) removes all advertising.
2. Gold sub (10.00) gives user bonus 'turbo interface' to speed up game actions, and track character details while you play.
3. Game token (15.00) allow you the ability to do over 50 extra crime
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